I am an owner of ICONBET.

I own TAP, that makes me an owner of ICONbet platform and what it means is:

  • I have spent some time to understand the platform and its functioning and that is how I realized its value and that is why I own it.
  • I love to see ICONbet grow and that is why I spread the word on social media, among my friends and convince them to try out ICONbet before dismissing it.
  • I tweet, retweet, like, comment about the ICONbet platform. I share medium articles.
  • I educate fellow community members to understand ICONbet.
  • I help the new users get acquainted to ICONbet.
  • I vote for the ICONbet community p-rep node.
  • I participate in the promotions, community discussions.
  • I vote on decisions related to ICONbet. I ask questions.
  • I write reviews at appropriate places.

If you feel the ownership too, here are a few things you can do, if you haven’t already:

Lets take ICONbet to new heights together..!!