ICONbet — Year 2020 in Review

2 min readJan 13, 2021



It has been a tremendous year for ICONbet and lot has happened in the past year. Here is the glimpse of all that has happened.

# ICONbet Community P-Rep was formed by the community members to support the ICONbet platform.

# Five new games have been added to the platform — DAOblackjack, DAOlottery, DOALevels, DAObacarrat and DAOcolors.

# Smoothing of the TAP distribution was started based on the community feedback.

# One Year Anniversary of the ICONbet platform was celebrated.

# UI was revamped and a landing page was added to the website.

# ICONbet platform was integrated with the myiconwallet app and the tipicon telegram bot for easier access.

# Our very own Betman came into existence.

# TAP token staking feature was added to reward the TAP Hodlers.

# ICONbet Merchandise store was launched.

# DAOFund was approved by the TAP holders to secure funding for the business needs of the ICONbet platform.

# COMP token was approved to reward the players and the ICONbet Community P-Rep supporters.

# ICONbet stickers was added to the telegram channel.

# ICONbet telegram channel has crossed the 1000 members milestone.

# Excess smoothing was introduced.

# Multiple promos and fun contests were conducted.

# Passed the milestone of 6 Million ICX distributed as dividends to TAP holders.

# Road-map was introduced to give a sneak peak of what is to come to ICONbet platform — DAOpoker, DAOsportsbook, DAOplinko, DAOwar to name a few are the upcoming games.

# Passed the milestone of 25+ Million external transactions(70+ Million if internal transactions are included) on ICON network, that is over 100K+ ICX in burned transaction fee.

# Lottery Jackpot over 450K+ ICX was claimed.

ICONbet has been the №.1 DApp on the ICON network. ICONbet stands out with its governance model, transparency and fairness not just in the ICON world but in the entire crypto world.

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the fantastic support of the community.

Thank You All.