What is ICONbet ?

1 min readJul 5, 2020


ICONbet is a DAO(decentralized autonomous organization) Casino DAPP running on the ICON network. The ICONbet native token is called TAP and there are a finite number of TAP tokens(625 Million) which represent the ownership of the ICONbet platform. All the Excess(Profit) the platform makes is distributed to the TAP holders.

Whopping 80% of the total TAP is made available for mining, Rest 20% is owned by the founding team. You can mine TAP by playing on the ICONbet platform. The more you play the more you mine. Daily a declining finite number of TAP tokens are released for mining and are distributed to the players on that particular day based on their wagered amount.

All the ICONbet games results are calculated on chain and are verifiable which is the most critical aspect that makes ICONbet standout.

All the decision related to ICONbet platform pass through a voting by the TAP holders.

To get started on https://iconbet.io visit https://medium.com/@heemadeepreddy/getting-started-on-iconbet-20b9b55282f6