Why ICONbet Is Totally Legit ?

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#TRUST: The most critical aspect of ICONbet is that all games result are calculated on chain and are verifiable. The code is available on the smart-contracts for verification.

#TRANSPARENCY: TAP token represents the ownership of the ICONbet platform. Number of TAP tokens are finite and 80% of the TAP token is made available for mining (No Airdrops, No ICO), rest 20% is held by the founders. 100% of the profits of ICONbet are distributed to the TAP holders everyday. Everything is on chain and completely transparent.

#GOVERNANCE: All the decisions on the working of ICONbet, Introduction of new games etc are voted on by the TAP holders. No change happens without the TAP holders approval thus ensuring decentralisation.

#TRUE-DAO: ICONbet is a DAO(decentralised autonomous organisation), All the games are run on smart contracts, that means you can directly interact with smart contracts and play, you don’t need iconbet.io website. You can even create an other website or any other means to interact with smart-contracts.

#SECURITY: You play using the ICONex hot wallet. That means you are in control of your funds all the time, No deposit/withdrawal hassles.

#LIQUIDITY: You can exchange TAP for ICX or ICX for TAP on the ICONSWAP Dex. You don’t have to use risky OTC trades for exchanging.

#SUPPORT: ICONbet is backed by a ICONbet Community Main P-rep Node of the ICON network. This node is run by volunteers and all the funds generated are utilised to grow ICONbet. The founders are most generous and extremely supportive of ICONbet platform who are actively involved in growing the platform.

#STRENGTH: ICONbet has a excellent enthusiastic community, Who are always active in helping fellow community members understand ICONbet, marketing, building games, supporting platform in anyway possible.

Note: If you like ICONbet, please vote for ICONbet Community P-Rep Node. Every vote and every voter counts. Also all members of the ICONbet Community P-Rep team are volunteers.


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